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Meet Coco

Here are some facts about Coco:

  • Coco was born on July 9, 2019

  • She is a lab and retriever cross

  • She is specifically bred to be a service dog and has a calm and gentle demeanor

  • She has been trained since she was a little puppy to know many commands

  • Mrs. Morton went through two weeks of training to learn how to work with Coco

  • Coco and Mrs. Morton graduated together and now Coco is a member of our school team

  • Coco comes to school every day. When she is at school she is working.

  • Coco wears a vest to show she is on duty

  • When Coco is not working, she goes home with Mrs. Morton. At home, she is a regular pet and does not wear her vest. She likes to play, walk and snuggle.

  • When students see Coco on campus, they should give her a calm finger wave

  • Students should not yell at Coco, run towards her or feed her any treats

  • Coco can work with individual students, visit classrooms, read with students, and play fetch


We all love Coco! Feel free to say "hi" when you see her!