"Young students can do much more with technology than we can even imagine, we just need to give them the chance."

-Brad Flickinger

Temple Heights Elementary at Vista Unified School District is pleased to announce that it has been recognized as an Apple Distinguished Program for 2016-2018 for its use of iPad to support a personalized learning pathway for students K-5.

We embrace technology at Temple Heights by putting tools in students' hands. The iPad is the perfect digital learning companion, and we proudly offer students in every grade level the opportunity to engage with this powerful tool. When you walk into a Temple Heights classroom, you feel the energy as young students research topics, create interactive projects, and share them with their classmates. Activities like these give our students real-world, problem-solving experiences and ownership of their learning, while building global competencies. In grades 3-5, the learning experience is extended to the home environment through our take-home device program. At Temple Heights, the iPad inspires creativity and makes a real difference in student learning, thereby opening doors to the future.