Welcome to kindergarten! This is the beginning of your child’s educational adventure. This year we will learn how to be lifelong learners and leaders. During this important year, our team focuses on three main objectives: positive school behaviors, academic skills, and personal leadership development.


We focus on learning and practicing the following school behaviors:

·        listening and demonstrating respect

·        taking turns and sharing

·        following directions

·        being kind and considerate

·        trying our best

We introduce the following foundational academic skills throughout the year:

·        fine motor skills

·        letter names/sounds and blending

·        sight word recognition

·        number sense 1-20

·        the writing process

We cultivate personal leadership development by:

·        Leader In Me curriculum

·        7 Habits

·        school wide goals

·        personal goal setting

·        leadership binders

Our team is passionate about nurturing our students’ academic and personal growth to prepare them for their continued success on their school journey. Little Dragons Rock!!

Students at their seatsStudents at their seats