Please click HERE to view important information for all families regarding COVID-19.  A hard copy is available in our office upon request.
Social Distancing and Sanitation Protocol for T.H.E. Leadership Academy

All school staff have been trained and all families have been provided with educational materials in the following safety actions:

  1.  Enhanced sanitation practices
  2.  Physical distancing guidelines and their importance
  3.  Proper use, removal, and washing of face coverings
  4.  Screening practices
  5.  How COVID-19 is spread
  6.  COVID-19 specific symptom identification
  7.  Preventing the spread of COVID-19 if you are sick, including the importance of not coming to work if staff members have symptoms, or if they or someone they live with has been diagnosed with COVID-19.
  8.  For workers, COVID-19 specific symptom identification and when to seek medical attention.
  9.  The employer’s plan and procedures to follow when children or adults become sick at school.
  10.  The employer’s plan and procedures to protect workers from COVID-19 illness.